About Nikki

Nikki Lamborn methods are based on the unique technique taught to her over 15 years by Glynne Jones (Annie Lennox, Elton John, Heather Smalls, Spice Girls), which enables a singer to keep their own voice and personality whilst extending their range, perfecting their pitching, strengthening their voice and building their breathing capacity. Her technique also gives valuable advice on maintaining a singer’s voice, and building confidence.

Nikki has worked with house-hold names such as Jocelyn Brown, Beverley Knight, Newton Faulkner, Mumford and Sons, Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme, Hudson Taylor and Lana Del Ray. As well as coaching privately, Nikki helps students hone and refine their vocal and performance techniques at London’s Dean St Studios and has appeared on television in Channel 4’s “Faking It” and the BBC’s “Just the Two of Us”. She also co-wrote and produced Dame Shirley Bassey’s first single for 10 years, ‘The Living Tree’, and performed it with her on the main stage at Glastonbury 2007.

Her work has also involved helping touring artists whose vocals are suffering under the strain of constant use (or abuse) whether from over-singing due to poor monitoring, or just a few too many late nights. In fact, Nikki’s expertise has been called upon in numerous unfortunate circumstances where the near-impossible has been achieved, and a ‘lost voice’ is saved in true ‘show must go on’ style. In most instances, Nikki can get a voice back (excluding the presence of medical conditions such as Laryngitis or Tonsillitis).

Two notable occasions include Jocelyn Brown and Julie Gordon (Happy Mondays). Jocelyn developed a bad cold on the day she had to do a big duet with Alexander O’Neil. Her voice was all over the place; her upper range had gone due to constantly coughing and sneezing. Nikki spent time with Jocelyn doing gentle warm up stretching exercises along with a few trade secrets in between rest periods throughout the day and the show went on.

With Julie Gordon, the Happy Mondays tour manager called upon Nikki as Julie had just done four tour dates in a row and had lost her voice. It was a Thursday afternoon and their next gig was a sold out Friday night at The London Astoria . There would be full-on media coverage, their record company would be present, and it was vital Julie could perform at her best. Nikki spent two hours with Julie on the Thursday , then on the Friday Nikki went to the Astoria for sound check and spent another two hours working on her voice. By the time the show opened Julies voice was soaring and the show Rocked!

With her band Never The Bride, Nikki has toured the world sharing the stage with some of the most respected artists of all time, The Who, Peter Frampton, Paul Rogers, The Pretenders, Elton John just to name a few. Having worked with seasoned producers including Ron Nevison and Bruce Fairbairne, and with three previous major record deals in the US, NTB continue to perform live, and have a past gig list that includes the likes of Wembley Arena and the Albert Hall, down to more intimate venues such as the Viper Room, the Borderline, and even the local pub! Their resume also includes a forty two date European tour in fifty days supporting ex Marillion frontman “Fish” in 2005. Despite a gruelling schedule and the pressure of having to sing at her best night after night, every vocal performance was a success due to Nikki’s knowledge, professionalism and respect for her voice. Her level of stage craft, discipline, and awareness of what a working/touring vocalist needs to deliver their utmost are crucial to anyone searching for a vocal and performance coach.

It is rare for someone who has so much personal experience and direct contact with the world of music to retain the desire to pass on their skills through teaching… most coaches are retired and/or have never even been on the road so to speak. Nikki’s passion for performance, and wealth of live and recording experience across the globe has given her invaluable and extensive abilities when it comes to working with her students.