Nikki’s Testimonials

“Nikki Lamborn is Vocal Viagra!”Newton Faulkner

“For those who have never had the pleasure of having a REALLY GREAT VOCAL COACH, Well I am here to let you know that this lady has a magic that can only be represented through love and being blessed. I have had the pleasure to work with Nikki on Just The Two Of Us and it was wonderful!! So if you are in need of strong support with your vocals and need to feel cared for and respected no matter if you are a beginner or a working vocalist like myself, have a good talk and vocal session with Nikki!!”Jocelyn Brown

“I have achieved more in a year of Nikki Lamborn’s technique than years of other singing lessons!”Adina Smallwood

“Her relaxed and easy approach is perfect… and her enthusiasm infectious.”Beth Rowley

“In lessons she is an inspiration, live she is an inspiration. There’s not a vocalist or a person like her. If you get a chance to work with her in some capacity, grab it…”Luke Bailey

“I have known and worked with Nikki over eight years, and in my opinion she is THE best vocal coach anywhere in the UK. I would not go to anyone else.” Beverley Knight

“Nikki’s unbridled enthusiasm and infectious energy combined with her not inconsiderable vocal skills makes her an absolute ‘must have’ for vocal coaching, for any level of ability. Totally refreshing to deal with and she gets the right results too!”Lu Hunt (Artist Manager)

“Nikki is a great lady and a superb teacher, she’s the only vocal coach I will recommend to anyone who is serious about building and maintaining their voice”Matt Young